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Branded Applications

This service provides customers with white-labelled applications on which they are able to place their logo and design it the way they want at a fraction of the cost of resources needed to build their own.

It is used as a branding and marketing tool.

There is a first time fee for all subscribers, with a monthly fee where all users will be able to receive daily content on the topic that is of interest to them. Some features that are optional could be added, those features are: 

  • Portal. 
  • Additional Langauge.
  • Additional League for the Sports Application.
  • Social Media Coverage. 

The categories of applications available and offered are:

  • Sport applications, of the Sport Applications is Yalla Koora that is designed in a very eye grabbing manner, is user friendly and possesses some unique features that guarantee the users' stickiness. There is also the Mondyalak Application that covered the Fifa 2014 World Cup.
  • Islamic applications.
  • Women Applications, Of the Women's Applications is Anty Application that provides content on all what a modern Arab woman will care about.

We provide you with all what is needed for an application to work such as the content, videos, images and live feed.

Subsribers will receive free gifts when they download the application or through different competitions.
The application can also be monetized through the use of a third party, this can be done by:
  • Adding campaigns for the third parties and generating revenues.
  • Selling advertising bulk campaigns to merchants.
  • Selling the application and its features to a third party.