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Shops are relying on legacy POS systems:

- POS software that is installed in a PC inside the store.

- High CAPEX for startup businesses.

- High Maintenance Cost.

- HW and SW failures threaten Data and Business.

As its name suggest, it is a cloud based POS running on a smart device.

- The smart device is connected to an online server that provides full POS functionality.

- Full support of thermal printer, bar code reader and cash drawer.

- Probability: Mobile Application that is authenticated by username and password.
- Online and Offline: Continue working even if no connection is available.
- Multi Access users: Shop owner and Staff.
- Comprehensive reporting.

Reliability and Scalability:
- Works offline and online if internet connection is lost.
- Data is stored over the cloud.
- If the device is damaged, buy a new device, download the application then continue working.