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Corporate customers are one of the most important customer segments for telecom operators, thus; CONVERTECS and Rubikomm joined efforts to present iManage to telecom operators. They presented this solution knowing what great value this system has to offer to the business in general, and to the corporate customer of telecom operators in particular.

It is a transformation in corporate offering that changes the concept of offering separate products to corporate staff to offering a big bundle to the corporate as a whole. iManage provides a corporate gateway integrated with telecom operator's billing, charging and provisioning systems. Authorized users in the corporation will be able to use this portal to assign Voice\SMS\Data units from the corporate account to individual employees’ sub-accounts. iManage is flexible enough to allow telecom operators to design their offers in ways that will optimize operator’s value. iManage has been developed in a way that allows it to be customized; therefore, is open to new ideas and procedures.  

iManage is beneficial for both the operator and the corporation.

For the corporation, the authorized users will be able to manage, monitor and have full control over the corporate accounts. Using this portal, the tasks that can be performed are:

  • Add, remove and amend account members.
  • Transfer Voice\SMS\Data units from the corporate account to the separate employees’ accounts.
  • Open support ticket with the person managing the operators account.
  • Send an SMS broadcast to all members using one corporate account.

For the operator, the sales team and account managers will be fully responsible for the management and monitoring of the corporate accounts. The responsibility that they are liable for encompasses tasks that allow them to:
  • Add, remove and amend accounts.
  • Assign a bundled rate for the service.
  • Communicate with and respond to the support ticket.
  • Follow-up with the corporate’s payment.
  • View an all-inclusive set of reports for each account.