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SMS eXchanger

This platform has been offered by Rubikomm in collaboration with EVISTEL.

It is the answer to all matters related to the SMS, it is a platform with great capability, accessibility and can be easily scaled out.

The incorporation of several tools to allow the deliverance of a mass number of SMS in a secured manner.

SMS is a core service for all mobile networks, it has become crucial for certain applications.

The main components of the SMSeXchanger:

  • SMS Router.
  • SMS real-time Charging.
  • SMS  anti-spam.
  • SMS Store&Forward.
  • SMS Services and Applications.

SMS Router is the main component that is responsible for the deliverance of messages to several destinations.

SMS real-time Charging is a service offered in which charging is mandatory, it offers a real-time charging engine with real-time SMS control for all types of SMS.

SMS  anti-spam  is a solution for the problem faced by all operators that is the spam they receive, this solution offers multiple tools that will allow it to detect and filter any spam received.

SMS Store&Forward is key to the control of the network from any SMS overload that might occur.