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Social SMS

This service allows subscribers to link their applications via SMS. Meaning they will be able to chat with their friends, set their presence, change their status as well as add/delete/block friends using SMS. 

Social SMS grants users the opportunity to be connected anytime and anywhere. For operators, this service could either be defined as postpaid, prepaid or hybrid.

The services offered are:

  • SMS2Facebook: Connects the subscribers' Facebook profiles to their handsets via SMS. Any Facebook notification received will be delivered to the user's handset, in addition the subscriber will be able to chat or act on its Facebook profile using his/her phone.
  • SMS2Twitter: Connects the users' twitter profiles to their mobiles via SMS. Subscribers will receive the tweets from their followed accounts, as well as follow, unfollow, retweet and do all possible twitter actions using their mobile device.
  • SMS2Facebook Chat Services: Allows the user to chat with his/her friends via SMS without the need for an internet connection. 
  • Twitter Reyadi: The subscriber will be able to receive the most important and recent tweets from the famous sport celebrities of the world. They will be able to receive the tweets via SMS without the need for an internet connection or for a twitter account. For tweets that are not in the English language or the Arabic language, there is an embedded service that will translate the tweet into the preferred English or Arabic language.