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Sport Content

This service provides sports news, cartoons in sports context and live feeds to subscribers.Users will be able to receive up to date news on their favorite team, know the results of the different games played as well as set reminders for the matches. 

In addition, we cover important sports events such as the World Cup and the European Leagues. 

The feature is about Nadeek that is the first Arabic Sport Social Portal, it contains very rich content and provides news, analyses and reports. Rubikomm is the owner of Nadeek, and it contains:

  • Nadeek Sport News "Nadeek2SMS": Enables subscribers to receive the most recent news, match results and reminders for games to be played of their preferred teams via SMS. 
  • Nadeek Caricature "Nadeek2WAPpush":  Sport Caricature is used to  transform the tone of recent sport events from serious to fun and entertaining. The cartoons used could be pictures of the most famous sport celebrities to add to the entertainment. 
  • Nadeek Sport Application: A mobile application that focuses on the top fourteen European teams. Provides users with news, updates, information regarding the players and results of games. There is also a caricature section, in addition to live feeds and push notifications for the reminders set.