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Due to Globalization, different parts of the world have become easily accessible so the demand for traveling has risen. As a result, the need for roaming services have also been increasing.

There is also the existence of a fierce competition with OTTs as they are providing customers with less expensive methods to stay connected while abroad.

Due to that competition and the traveling demand, operators should be able to respond to that external factor in order to not only minimize loss but also to increase the roaming profits.

Realizing that need, Rubikomm reacted by providing travelers with the answer that is wiRoam.

It is a solution to the roaming dilemma, a mobile application that will allow the traveler to communicate in a convenient manner while preserving the customer identity by using the same local number. The other benefit to the traveler is wiRoam’s cost efficiency meaning the prices of the call made abroad are lower than that of the roaming prices. 

There is also the roaming traffic, which would be maintained within the operator’s network.