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Women Content

This service grants Arab women the opportunity to find information  pertaining to various aspects that could matter to them.

Those various topics available are:

  • Beauty and Fashion.
  • Health and Family.
  • Décor and House Etiquette,
  • Recipes from all over the world.
  • and much more...

Of the available services are: 

  • Handmade: A service that provides users with videos about Do-It-Yourself things that can be made at home. 
  • Diet Care: A service that provides users with health tips to remain healthy and fit via SMS.
  • Natural Touch: A service that provides natural remedies for the face and hair that can be done at home.
  • Beauty and Fashion: A service that provides women with the latest fashion trends and beauty tips for the face, skin and hair via SMS.
  • Sawaleef Hawa: A service that provides users with everything that crosses a woman's mind in her life from an emotional, family and social prespective via SMS.
  • Health and Family: A service that provides a pregnant woman with all information pertaining to pregnancy, raising kids and the life of a married woman via SMS.
  • My Kitchen: A service that provides women with recipes and serving sizes about different Arabic and Western platters as well as give advice relevant to cooking and the kitchen via SMS.
  • Khawater Ontha: A service that provides educational and intellectual quotes via SMS.